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Goings On

You might have noticed a bit of rebranding going on. I am changing all my content to the name “JM Williams” without the periods. Expect to see more of it.

The Adventures of Iric, the 20 volume collection of my Iric stories, is now available for purchase!

Justin Cover

I’ve finally to a print copy in hand, and it looks pretty darn good! I plan to make a little review video shortly. Stay tuned for that.

You can buy the book HERE. The print version is HERE

And you can find my Amazon Author’s page HERE.

And some other news:

My story “Catching Cameron Ellis” won Second Place in Astounding Outpost’s Neural Nets collection, which is now available on AMAZON.

One of my Iric stories was featured on the AntiSF Radio Show. You can listen to it HERE.

Tall Tale TV’s Chris Herron did an incredible job with the audio production of one of my Iric stories. It can be found on YouTube HERE.

An original Storm Hamilton flash story was published in Akashic Book’s Fri-Sci-Fi. The story is called “The Old Bird” and can be found HERE.