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Goings On

It’s my new site! Yay! I plan to use this home page for current publishing news and updates, but for now let me just congratulate myself for finally using money. Oh, is there nothing you can’t do great green goddess?

Well, I do have some news.

First, one of my Iric stories was picked up by Tall Tale TV which does audio stories. Yes, more audio stories. I noticed this venue when fellow author Esther Davis had a story released by them. So, it was kind of a steal. Rogue level up!

Second, if you have not picked up a copy of the July issue of the Bards and Sages Quarterly, featuring a feature of mine, well…what are you waiting for! You can get one on AMAZON.

By the way, I’m sure you’ve seen that pretty sign-up box on the right side of your screen. I’m sure you’ve already put your email address into it, just to see what happens. Am I right? I’m planning to start sending out a monthly letter to fans and followers, and I will add exclusive content–stories or articles or discounts or who knows–only for the newsletter. I’m just saying…