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Goings On

My newest published story is out now in THE UPRISING REVIEW.


It’s a fantasy-humor story, that I happen to find pretty funny. Of course I do. But humor is subjective, so I just hope the readers will enjoy it as much as I do. You can find the story HERE.

On to some older news.

I got the results of my most recent Writers of the Future Contest story submission. While I did not win, I did earn an Honorable Mention! From what I can tell, that’s somewhere around the top 10%. For one of the biggest writing competitions in sci-fi, that’s huge! Plus they are sending me a certificate. I will post a photo of it once it arrives. The announcement page with my name at the bottom can be found HERE.

One of the stories I have been working hard to publish over the past few months was finally accepted for an anthology with Left Hand Publishers. It was under the minimum word count, but because I impressed the editor so much right out the gate, they let me submit a second story to cover the length gap. I wrote a brand new, companion story just for the occasion. So a two-story set coming out in a fresh anthology, with a few bucks coming my way to boot.

My work with Fantasia Divinity continues. The cover for my novella is done. I will be sharing that on the blog soon. I am waiting for the staff editor to get back to me on my draft, but I don’t imagine any major tweaks will be necessary. Though, you can never really tell.

Lastly, I will be preparing my first letter to the RABBLE. I’ve got a couple keen ideas of some exclusive content to put in there. Maybe I will show you guys the book cover first. And, of course, many other little things. You can join my RABBLE by adding your email to the box on the right.