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Goings On

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After working hard for the past year with the new fiction start-up, Fiction Vortex, I finally have something to show for it! The two works picture above represent my longest, most professional books to date. I hope you check them out!

You can get your copy of In the Valley of Magic, my foundational work that started this whole pprofesionional writing thing, HERE!

You can grab Call of the Guardian, the flagship series for the Of Metal and Magic StoryVerse, HERE!

Speaking of Of Metal and Magic, or OMAM as we like call it, I know have five other writers and a dedicated editor working on new content for you guys! These writers are quite talented and creative, coming up with some great new ideas and styles that I would have never dreamed of. I’m sure you’ll love their work as much as I do! You will be able to start reading their series late this fall, when the official Story Shop App releases. If you want to see what that is going to be like, you can check out the beta app RIGHT NOW.


Comic Con Seoul was great, even better than I had expected. I managed to sell a few books, hand out a bunch of flyers, but more importantly I made a few new connections. One of these is a comic artist named Joe Tolliver. You can find him on Facebook. We are currently in talks to begin a small comic book series. Needless to say, I am very excited to branch out into a new medium/format!

Lastly, I just receieved my check for the Storm Hamilton story I send to Over My Dead Body! Mystery Magazine, which is my official mystery publication. Stay tuned for details on when the story will go live!

That’s the news. As always, thanks for reading!