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I’ve been busy cranking out words for my upcoming epic fantasy series with Fiction Vortex called Call of the Guardian.


The story is about a young hero who has been trained in the use of magic by a dragon mentor. Both man and dragon are orphans, leading to an interesting relationship. This series is part of the Of Metal and Magic StoryVerse, which currently features two other authors writing series in the same setting. We are always looking for more writers, so if you have a thing for epic fantasy featuring dragons and unicorns, why not submit a pilot? You can find the guidelines HERE.

I’ve had time to reflect on my experience with The Adventures of Iric, which has been on sale for a couple months. All in all, I am satisfied with how the book turned out. The print version is very good. At least I’ve proven to myself that I am capable of developing and formatting a book for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). I imagine I will do it again in the future. The next one will probably be a collection of Storm Hamilton stories. I will just have to wait until “A Step Too Far” is released as part of Bards and Sages’s Society of Misfit Stories in July.

I don’t have any new short fiction publishing updates. Things have been slowing down on that end. On the one hand, I am writing much fewer short stories due to my focus shifting to larger projects. On the other hand, I have been submitting mostly to higher and mid-tier publishers, which tend to take longer with their responses. But I feel like the content I am sending out now is the best I have ever done, so if anything was going to net me a professional sale, this smaller selection is the stuff.

That’s all the news.

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