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Oh, yeah! It’s happening!

I’ve been quite busy in the past weeks and months getting ready for my first author event, Comic Con off all things! I am very excited, but equally terrified. I am jumping in the deep-end on this one; I just hoped I can tread water.

I will have a booth in the Artist Alley section of the Con. The event is being held at the COEX Expo Center in Seoul from 3-5 August. I know most of you won’t be in the country at the time, if ever. But if you happen to be in the area, why not drop by and get a signed copy of your favorite book?

Speaking of which, I will have five, count ’em, five books for sale at the Con. These include The Adventures of Iric and The Nightingale, which I have been selling on this site for a while now. I will also be releasing my first Storm Hamilton collection, and two of my works with Fiction Vortex.


One of the books that I will debut at Comic Con is the very book that started my current writing journey, In the Valley of Magic. This is the book where Iric originated. This is my first fully-crafted second world setting. I am excited to finally share it with you. This is a working cover, though at this point I only expect the back cover blurb to change.

In other news, I am now the Head of the Of Metal and Magic StoryVerse at Fiction Vortex. This is the shared universe where my series Call of the Guardian is set.

OMAM small

What does it mean to be Head? It means I am the bossman. I am in charge of hiring and managing contributors. I am always looking for more writers, so if you have a thing for epic fantasy featuring dragons and unicorns, why not reach out. We currently have a permanent staff of six authors, including myself, but I intend to work on some anthologies as well that will be have public calls for submissions. More updates when those plans get closer to execution.

Lastly, if you haven’t picked up a copy of The Nightingale, now’s a good time! This story features some of my favorite characters so far, especially the villain. You can pick up the Kindle version HERE.

That’s all the news for now. Wish me luck at the Con!