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A Little House – What Pegman Saw


Littleton, West Virginia © Google Maps

It was a little house, on a little street, in little corner of West Virginia. Regarding shape, it was about as perfect a rectangle as something could be; it gave off the air of rectangle, and little else. There was a group of little kids who rode by every morning on their little bikes, on their way to the little school a few blocks down the rode.

Everything about the house was little. Everything, of course, except for its gigantic inhabitant. He was Kwerg, first son of Galactic Emperor Tal, Conquerer of Endless Space, Destroyer of Suns, The White Plague, and Enemy of Vacuums.

Kwerg hoped his father would not find him here, hidden amongst the lowly little creatures of Earth. His father simply couldn’t accept that Kwerg did not want to be a destroyer. He wanted to paint landscapes, like his hero Bob Ross.

*Written as a response to the What Pegman Saw October 7th prompt.

23 Responses to A Little House – What Pegman Saw

  1. Good story, funny and sad at the same time. I hope Kwerg isn’t sporting a Bob Ross hairstyle or he won’t stay hidden for long. After reading this I can’t get the song “I’ve got a Dream”, from the film Tangled, out of my head.

    • J.M. Williams

      I actually am not sure what Kwerg looks like. I originally though of the aliens being big clouds of dusty particles, thus the “Enemy of Vacuums” title for his father. Though, I’m not sure how that would really fit the descriptor “gigantic”. I’m sure Kwerg has some sort of hipster hairstyle though.

  2. Let’s hope he stays hidden. Not sure how painting landscapes will fit with being a Destroyer of Suns and all the other jobs and Emperor has to do!Like where you took this JM

  3. Is he still an enemy of vacuums, because my cat would like to have a word with him. A wholly unexpected turn of events in this delightful story. Bob Ross would be pleased to know just how far his message goes!

    • J.M. Williams

      Ha. Maybe the galactic lords are felines. Didn’t think of that. Will have to remember that for the next one.

  4. Oh, this is perfect! Loved it. You gotta wonder about those “little’ places and what they really hide. Excellente’!

  5. I can’t think of a better representative of Earthlings, though I imagine out Galactic Overlord will be deeply disappointed when he finds out that the bulk of humans are nothing near as cool as Bob Ross. Nicely done.

  6. Painted quite a picture there! Maybe he’ll still manage to express and channel his inner destructor and please pops somehow.

  7. Fun to have a SciFi take on the prompt. Mind you, I had to google Bob Ross…

    • J.M. Williams

      Bob Ross was an icon of public televison in the States when I was a child, right along with Elmo and Mr. Rodgers. You should see if one of his videos are on YouTube. They are very Zen.

  8. so fun – you started off with a nice story beat – and then the fantasy came in – very moving in such few words…. 🙂

  9. Well that took an unexpected turn. Littleton is sort of like Smallville…a tiny community with a big, big secret.

  10. Dear J.M.

    As an artist, I think Kwerg has chosen a worthy hero. I wonder how his little neighbors feel about this big resident. A little apprehensive perhaps. Or maybe a little in awe. 😉 Imaginative story.



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