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Calling All Epic Fantasy Authors

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Who doesn’t love dragons and unicorns?

So I am finally home, for good this time. I actually arrived a couple weeks ago, but had to run off for another week-long business trip right after. Now I should have some time to catch up with writing and other projects (knock on wood!).

One of the big twists that my writing path has recently taken is that I might become the head of the Of Metal and Magic Storyverse at Fiction Vortex.

For those who do not remember, this is the shared universeCall-Of-The-Guardian-Square where my series Call of the Guardian takes place. Currently, I am about halfway finished with edits on the series, and hope for the first episodes to go live by next month. But in addition to my own series, I am looking for other authors to pen series in the same StoryVerse.

All series in Of Metal and Magic take place in an epic fantasy world with a deep, mythical past. Shortly after the creation of mankind, a god descended from the heavens to establish order in the world (read: tyranny). He was joined by a goddess who sought to protect the free will of the mortal, their most unique and enduring quality. Together they created a balance of order and freedom, power and justice. After ruling the world of Soria together for sometime, the god of order grew suspicious of his partner, as despots are apt to do, and plotted to take all power for himself. What resulted was a devastating war, fought primarily by the children of these gods–those supporting the god of power and order taking the form of dragons, those following the goddess of free-will and justice becoming unicorns. The legacy of this divergence of power rolled through the eons and influenced all civilizations that followed. Though the gods that caused the great war retired to the heavens, Dragons and unicorns remained and continued to fight among themselves, with humans being caught in the middle.

Call of the Guardian describes the rise of a particularly tyrannical dragon lord and the war which set in place the context for fellow author Jon Clapier’s series, tentatively titled Blood of the Forge, taking place thousands of years later. That series will release shortly after mine.

I know that many of the authors whose blogs I follow, and many of you who follow me here, write fantasy. If the story world I have described above interests you in the slightest, I urge you to contact me for further details. There is a lot of flexibility in what sorts of stories can be told within this context. And while I cannot talk the specifics of the contract, I can say that the royalties are good. Also, Fiction Vortex has a large staff of editors, artists, marketers, and others who are dedicated to supporting you and your series. The company is currently fielding their new reading app, called Fictionite, which has the potential to take the market by storm. At least I like to think so; these guys seem to have a lot of sense about their business. And regardless, at a minimum you will end with a completed novel, along with cover art, editing provided by the company, and publishing support, which is a better deal than you will find in most places. It’s win-win.

I am currently looking for one or two more authors to help develop the Of Metal and Magic universe and brand. If you’re interested, you can connect to me on Facebook or send me an email at “RabbleMasterJMW -at-” (Put the @ where it says -at-).

I look forward to hearing from you. If you have other comments about the StoryVerse, Fiction Vortex, or other writing stuff, leave them below.


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