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Celebrating the Big 35!


No, I’m not that old yet. Almost. My time for running off to become an FBI agent is running thin.

No, in this case the 35 refers to my 35th short story acceptance. And a humor story no less. At least that’s what my submission tracker is telling me. But could be lying to me. 

This most recent acceptance came from Space Squid, for a flash story that I originally posted to the blog about an old Viking having a midlife crisis. I had almost forgotten about this one, having sent it to the Squid way back in December! Color me surprised when I got an email that started with “We apologize for the delay but…” Color me extra shades of neon when I saw that the phrase didn’t end with “we’ve decided to pass on your work,” as is typical.

I will post more details when they come, for now I am going to just bask in childlike giddiness for a while. 

Hope you guys are having an equally productive weekend! Now I really need to get back to Call of the Guardian. The series won’t ever release if I don’t write it!


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