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Eight Simple Tips for Editing – WriteToDone


Here is a nice article on editing (and revision, which are not exactly the same thing). Most of the points here are good, though I do not follow them all myself–I don’t read my work backwards for one. I also disagree that you should have a set number of words to cut in your mind when you start revising. Usually you will want to cut a lot, but not always. And you will often add more as you revise, so despite significant cutting the piece grows in size. Each case must be approached on its own terms.

Eight Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work

(by Ali Luke)

One key factor that separates mediocre writers from good ones (and even good from great) is the quality of their editing.

If you’re working for a big magazine or publishing house, you’ll have an editor who goes through your work, checks for any clumsy or ambiguous phrasing, and fixes any typos – but if you’re working on your first novel, or publishing posts to a blog, you’re almost certainly going to be on your own… READ MORE

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