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Essential SF/F Reading List


If you are looking for a good list of science fiction and fantasy books to read, look no further! io9 has thrown together a nice collection of what they call the “Books That Changed Science Fiction And Fantasy Forever.”

I’ll be honest, I am not the most diligent reader. I probably finish only two or three books a month at best. Also, I think I have only read about a third of the books in this list, despite them being the literary core of SF/F, particularly for science fiction. I know most of these titles, having heard them described in the many “History of Sci-fi” lectures I have listened to, so they are accordingly on my to-read list. I hope to build up the academic awareness of my literary roots.

Of the books listed here, Hitchhiker’s Guide and The Lord of the Rings are obvious recommendations. Dune, Neuromancer, and The Forever War are testaments to amazing SF world-building, and are books that fundamentally changed sci-fi when they came out, though their plots and moreso their characters can be a bit bland. The rest I cannot really speak to.

I think the next one of these I will read will be Stranger in a Strange Land, which I have a recently got in hardcover.

You can find the list HERE. Which one do you want to read?


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  1. I have not read many on this list, but am planning to soon. Most I’ve watched their film adaptations but of course, nothing is like the book.

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