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Faith of Our Fathers – What Pegman Saw

 Pico Duarte, ©Google
Juan Pablo Duarte, ©University of Bergen

I stare up at the statue of the man who helped liberate my country so many years ago, and wonder if I am capable of the same.

The Dominican flag that once flew proudly behind the bust of Juan Pablo Duarte is now little more than rags. My country is ablaze, my people cowering in fear.

I feel their gazes upon me, the men and women who have followed me to this peak. We make our last stand against those extraterrestrial invaders, conquistadors of another fashion but with the same intent–to bind us in chains and drain the milk and honey from our land.

We will not surrender while our hearts still beat in our chests. Our weapons are not as strong. We have no airships, no means of movement other than our blistered feet. But when they come for this mountain we will make them bleed for it.

*Written as a response to the What Pegman Saw January 20th photo prompt. Pico Duarte is the highest mountain peak in the Dominican Republic. It is named after Juan Pablo Duarte, a founding father who helped liberate the country from Haitian rule.

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15 Responses to Faith of Our Fathers – What Pegman Saw

  1. A powerful story and quite fitting for that photo. I hope they prevail!

    Hey, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to add your story to the linkup at so other Pegman contributors don’t miss it. If this is a problem, let me know.

    • Oh! I forgot to add it. Oops! Haven’t done this prompt in a while. Thanks for covering for me, 😀

  2. I like the sentiment in this story. Thanks for participating.

  3. Well done. Those damn aliens coming in and taking over…

  4. There is a strong sense of pathos in this story, along with patriotism, that I found myself enjoying. Well done.

  5. Sems your narrator is resigned to his fate and that’s not a good one. He’s looking to the past to find the courage for his own future and that rings very true. Nicely done JM

  6. Very powerful. Those fighting for their own country will always extract a heavy price regardless of technological inferiority.

  7. Dear JM,

    I love the voice in this. Powerful and subtle. It feels like history until you read extraterrestrials. Clever and imaginative.



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