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Fantasia Divinity Magazine Anniversary Issue



Here’s a chance to get your hands on a hard copy of the Fantasia Divinity Magazine Anniversary issue featuring the first Storm Hamilton story in print. I am a bit giddy that Storm is finally in print. And he’s already got a second lined up, though that won’t come out for a while, I imagine.

Fantasia Divinity has come a long way since their debut last year. The magazine has developed its own identity, which can been seen in their new covers. At first I was not a huge fan of the soft art style of the magazine covers, but it has grown on me, especially due to the consistency. Now when you see a cover, you know right away it’s Fantasia Divinity.

They’ve also have nice, consistent covers for their other projects, whether that be the anthologies or the upcoming novellas. They have been quite busy in the past year. Speaking of novellas, my fantasy interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Nightingale” will published by them sometime early next year.

Fantasia Divinity has been working hard to develop and expand. New staff. New projects.  Lots of publications. I feel very proud to be involved with what will hopefully be a strong and successful rise into a difficult market.

This anniversary issue is a special, deluxe hard cover, thus the price. But for a limited time you can get 10% off using the discount code: CZZUZCCN.

The hardcover can be purchased HERE.

I will post a link to the eBook version once I have one.

Happy Anniversary Fantasia Divinity!


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