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New Audio Story on the Centropic Oracle


During my adventures with writing and publishing, I have tried to take several approaches. One of these is with audiobook podcasts, the first of which released yesterday at the Centropic Oracle.

I have been waiting with a bit of apprehension to hear their production of my work. I imagine that must be a common feeling for authors having their writing turned into audio. Will the reader do a good job? Will they read it right?

The latter question is probably the worst. We authors have big egos. I doubt you could get into the craft without one. I know how my story should sound. I wrote it after all. It’s all made worse because I a man of a certain type of personality, one that often thinks there is only one right answer to any question.

Rob Gillespie did a great job with his reading. Certainly, there are things I think should have been pronounced or paced differently, but I honestly doubt I could have done a better job. Rob has a great voice for audio work. He sounds like a long-time audiobook reader, similar to voices I have heard many times before. And I am probably being picky.

For any flash fiction authors out there, if you are looking for something different to do with your work, you could do much worse than sending your stuff to the Centropic Oracle. They do a great job with their productions and publish a wide variety of story content, though it is restricted to speculative fiction.

If you like audio stories, you could do worse than check out my story, A Brief Glimpse of Everything.

There is also a donation button on the page, if you want to directly support me or the reader. That is a great feature that I haven’t seen in other places. The ability to directly support authors is always welcome.

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