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New Audio Story Released!


Manawaker Studio has turned one of my stories into an audio production. That’s two stories I’ve so far had redone in audio, with a third coming at the end of the month.

This story is actually the compilation of three shorter flash pieces that were originally featured on this blog. They are the stories featuring the character Sparrow, who was originally a supporting character in my upcoming book, In the Valley of Magic. I was drawn to Sparrow as a character, and found myself writing her a few times. The three stories ended up being a consistent series, so I fused them and submitted to Manawaker, which does a great job on the audio work.

You can find the audio story on the Manawaker Studio homepage with this LINK.

Or on Youtube with this LINK.

I must say I am impressed with the quality of the work. The reading is great and the voice work very professional. So go and listen to the story! If you like the story or the production, please leave a message on the page that you listened from.

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  1. Remember reading parts of these on your blog. Sounds good. Congrats!

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