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Pre-orders Now Open


The PRE-ORDER PAGE for The Adventures of Iric is now live on Amazon. I’d like to think it will be the same page for regular sales, once the release date arrives, but I’m not sure.

Justin Cover

Thanks to everyone for all the support you’ve given me over the past year here on the blog, on Facebook, and all the places I’ve been published. Finally things are starting to take shape in the way I had expected when I started on this writing adventure over a year ago.


2 Responses to Pre-orders Now Open

  1. Dot-less it is then, JM 🙂 Looks great. You’ve come a long way and remain an inspiration. Good luck with it.

    • J.M. Williams

      That means a whole lot coming from you, brother. Thanks for all the kind words and support you’ve offered me! 😀

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