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Published Works

Below you will find a list of my current and upcoming publications:


“The Adventures of Iric: A Flash Fiction Collection” — Self-Published KINDLE, PRINT

“The Nightingale: A Fairy Tale Collection Novella” — Fantasia Divinity — COMING SOON

“In the Valley of Magic: A Short Story Novel” — Fiction Vortex — COMING SOON

“A Step Too Far: A Storm Hamilton Story” — Bards and Sages — COMING SOON

“Call of the Guardian: An Epic Fantasy Series” — Fiction Vortex — COMING SOON


“The Sorcerer” —  Bards and Sages’ Great Tome of Magicians, Necromancers, and Mystics — PRINT, KINDLE

“Snow Tracks” — Fantasia Divinity’s Winter’s Grasp Anthology — AMAZONCREATESPACE

“Guardians of the Dead” — Left Hand Publishers’ Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths AnthologyAMAZON

“The Firekeeper” — Left Hand Publishers’ Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths AnthologyAMAZON

“Aiyel, Daughter of the Sea” — Fantasia Divinity’s Goddesses of the Sea Anthology — AMAZON

“The Struggles of a Lazy Demon” — Were Traveler’s Mostly Harmful, Sort Of, Something Something 42 Anthology — COMING SOON

“The Blizzard” — Flint Charity Anthology — COMING SOON


“The Tree Sign” — Bards and Sages Quarterly, July 2017 — AMAZONCREATESPACE

“Frithigorn’s Birds” —  New Realm Vol. 05, No. 03 –NO LONGER AVAILABLE

“Dragon’s Tongue” — Fantasia Divinity Magazine, April 2017 — AMAZON

“Some Things You Can’t Let Go” —   Fantasia Divinity Magazine, August 2017 — HARDCOVER, EBOOK

“Too Close to the Flame” —  Corner Bar Magazine — PDF

“Green or Red? — Fantasia Divinity Magazine, February 2018 — AMAZON


“The Performance of a Lifetime” — Uprising Review — READ NOW

“Dead or Alive” — Empyreome Magazine — READ NOW

“The Might of a Shaman” —  Bewildering Stories — READ NOW

“No Longer a Pup” —  Flash Fiction Magazine —READ NOW

“The Phantom Thief” — The Flash Fiction Press — READ NOW

“Memories of the South” —  Eternal Remedy — READ NOW

“Webs” —  Antipodean SF — READ NOW

“A Game of Strategy” —  Antipodean SF  — READ NOW

“Innocence Lost, Innocence Found” —  Flash Fiction Magazine — READ NOW

“Catching Cameron Ellis” — Astounding Outpost  — READ NOW

“Mistaken Identity” — Eternal Remedy — READ NOW

“The Old Bird” — Akashic’s Fri-Sci-Fi Flash Fiction — READ NOW

“Last Night” —  Roane Publishing’s Flash Fiction Fridays — READ NOW

“Career Change” — Space Squid READ NOW

“Through the Eyes of Ishtar” —  The Lorelei Signal — COMING SOON

“Clumsy Luck” —  Story Shack — COMING SOON


“A Brief Glimpse of Everything” —  The Centropic Oracle — LISTEN NOW

“The First Sighting” —  Manawaker Studios — LISTEN NOW

“Webs” —  The Antipodean SF Radio Show — LISTEN NOW

“The Artifact” —  The Centropic Oracle — LISTEN NOW

“When Ants Tell a Story” — Tall Tale TVLISTEN NOW

“A Game of Strategy” —  The Antipodean SF Radio ShowLISTEN NOW


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