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Slowing Blog Growth


Why don’t you work?!

I’ve been noticing that the number of followers for my blog has been slow ever since moving to my new website. I’ve done some reading and have figured out a couple issues that have been causing the problem–one I can change and one I cannot.

First, I realized that my blog no longer had a basic follow button. This is a basic option for a hosted site, but not part of the general self-hosted package. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t there. Of course, I had the subscribe via email widget, but I’m sure there are a lot of people that don’t want to hand out their email address willy-nilly (despite the fact that I cannot see the email addresses of blog followers, only my RABBLE). But with a little Google-fu, I was able to add the button with an HTML widget.

So if you haven’t followed yet because you didn’t want to use your email, now you can follow directly.

The second issue is one I cannot change, and that’s the reader. Because my site is not hosted on, my posts do not appear in the reader. I did not realize just how important that is for visibility. It seems that many of my previous followers came via the reader. I don’t know what I am going to do about that. People who follow my blog, either by manually entering the URL in the reader or by using the new follow button, should see the posts in the reader. But not strangers.

I guess the best way is to just be more active in the blogosphere. I can still get folks to visit my site by commenting and following other blogs.

To my followers, can you confirm if you see my posts in your reader or not?