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Trouble in Paradise – What Pegman Saw


Mauritius ©Google Maps

Both cars were out of fuel. Not that it mattered; Kori couldn’t drive a car across the ocean. This island paradise she had chosen for her first vacation after losing Derrik had become a prison. No, something worse than that–a slaughterhouse.

Hearing a shuffling sound down the road, Kori rolled herself over the road barrier. She heard it coming, step by mindless step, its broken leg dragging along the ground, its half-missing jaw moving up and down as if it was dreaming of a meal. But Kori was sure these things didn’t dream. And there were no meals left, except for people.

She drew her knife, leaning tight against the metal barrier, letting it approach. Then dispatched it with several hard blows to the back of the neck. It fell on its back and Kori took a close look of its face–she now recognized the formerly handsome hotel bellboy.

*Written as a response to the What Pegman Saw October 14th photo prompt. For some reason this picture had me thinking of the video game Dead Island. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you should. It’s one of the most emotionally intense bits of zombie film I can recall seeing, despite being a CGI movie that is now visually outdated. The video was widely praised when released. Unfortunately, the game didn’t live up to these grand expectations.

A Little House – What Pegman Saw


Littleton, West Virginia © Google Maps

It was a little house, on a little street, in little corner of West Virginia. Regarding shape, it was about as perfect a rectangle as something could be; it gave off the air of rectangle, and little else. There was a group of little kids who rode by every morning on their little bikes, on their way to the little school a few blocks down the rode.

Everything about the house was little. Everything, of course, except for its gigantic inhabitant. He was Kwerg, first son of Galactic Emperor Tal, Conquerer of Endless Space, Destroyer of Suns, The White Plague, and Enemy of Vacuums.

Kwerg hoped his father would not find him here, hidden amongst the lowly little creatures of Earth. His father simply couldn’t accept that Kwerg did not want to be a destroyer. He wanted to paint landscapes, like his hero Bob Ross.

*Written as a response to the What Pegman Saw October 7th prompt.

A Dog Named Trouble – What Pegman Saw


Casablanca, Morocco © Google Maps

Lâche-moi!” the woman shouted, before any further cries were muffled by a gloved hand.

She struggled to free herself from her captor, who was double her size but–as betrayed by his disheveled and broken clothes–only half as civilized.

Samuel Thacker remained in the shadows, under an old, stone arch on one side of the narrow alley. He had come to the Mediterranean to find his progenitors, to find answers. But trouble seemed to follow him wherever he went like a sickly dog.

The man had his arm around the woman’s throat, dragging her away from the main road, towards where Samuel hid.

The vampire grabbed the thug by his heavy collar, lifting him off his feet, breaking his grip on the woman. Samuel slammed the man into the stone wall, and once the témoin féminin had fled from view, he took a bite.

*Written as a response to the What Pegman Saw prompt for September 30. This story features the same lead character as my flash story that will be released by Flash Fiction Magazine on Halloween. A prefect day for a vampire story, eh?


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Born of Struggle – What Pegman Saw


Sambor Prei Kuk Temple, Cambodia © Google Maps

Their lasers could not cut through the trees. If their drop-ships came too close to the jungle canopy, the smoke and ash from incinerated vegetation would kill their thrusters.

History had shown the Vietnamese to be quite difficult to defeat. After resistance was crushed in the rest world, they were the last ones fighting. A cradle of hope in a hopeless swamp of green.

Chau drove her squad mercilessly on, whipping them with words like a French colonial governor might have done to his servants with a switch. She led them across the old border–one that no longer mattered–to one of the last surviving ancient ruins. A place that still did matter.

Approaching the site, marching at the head of her squad like her grandfather had done, she saw the slime-black aliens clustered around the temple.

They had made it into an outpost!

*I think this is my first time doing the What Pegman Saw prompt. This picture really stood out to me. It probably helped that I am watching Ken Burns’  The Vietnam War on TV while I write. I am considering a larger project along these lines, perhaps a short story about an alien-invasion centered on the Vietnamese–or maybe Afghans–whose history is one of constant struggle and opposition, as the last hope of mankind. Does that sound like something you’d read?

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