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The Artifact — My Audiostory on the Centropic Oracle



My second flash story, “The Artifact,” has just been released on The Centropic Oracle. This one is set in the world of Storm Hamilton and the Seraphim, though of a slightly different vein.

The story was read by the wonder CB Droege, who does it great justice. If you recognize his voice, it is because he is the editor of Manawaker Studios and did the reading for my story “The First Sighting,” which was recorded for the flash fiction podcast on his site.

If you like sci-fi steeped in nostalgia and pining for the past, you’ll like this one!

You can listen to the story HERE.

If you’d like a bit more of this sci-fi world, check out the Storm Hamilton story “The Old Bird.”


2 Responses to The Artifact — My Audiostory on the Centropic Oracle

  1. Wooo! Another for the published list! Congrats!

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