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The Furthest Star – 3LineTales


She looks to a sky filled with stars, searching for the one that holds for her the most meaning. It is a distant place, her home, further than she can ever imagine, for she knows not how she ended up here, on this quaint little planet in a backward part of the galaxy–likely an experiment gone wrong, as they tended to go these days. She is lonely, beyond words, to be so far from her children.

*Written as a response for the Three Line Tales Week 104 photo prompt.

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6 Responses to The Furthest Star – 3LineTales

  1. Very sad. That’s a lot of story packed into your three lines!

  2. I miss the intensity of 3 Line Tales, inspired by yours here I might just start again. These 3 Lines are a very compact story of its own. and makes me think of all the possibilities of her origin.

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