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Tips Straight from the Horse’s, er Judge’s Mouth


One of my current goals as a science fiction and fantasy writer is to eventually get into Writers of the Future. This has been a target for me ever since one of my literature teachers in college won and was published by them. If you can survive the brutal competition and professional-level judging, you can proudly declare yourself to have made it.

My perception–as limited as it is–is that if you get into Writer’s of the Future, people will start taking your seriously. Agents and publishers will take a closer look at your manuscripts; readers will seek you out. That’s the step from being an amateur to being a professional, respected, money-making author.

To that end–and to help anyone else who is considering entering the contest–I have found an article with ten tips from one of this quarter’s judges. What better way to get ahead but to know what the reviewers are actually thinking?

I sent a story to the last quarter of WotF, so this guy probably looked it over. I feel like I avoided all of these issues, so maybe I have a chance to get in. My current story is certainly better than the last one I submitted to them. Wish me luck!

You can find the article HERE.

2 Responses to Tips Straight from the Horse’s, er Judge’s Mouth

  1. Thanks for the link, it was a very interesting read. And good luck with your submissions to the Writers of the Future 🙂

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