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Where to Publish? – The Centropic Oracle



Continuing my series of publisher recommendations, I’ll like to highlight another audio-story venue. The Centropic Oracle is a online publisher who focuses on science fiction and fantasy stories with some sort of emotional depth. On their submissions page they suggest that “good fiction – particularly SF and Fantasy – should challenge us to examine our own lives and beliefs. It should force us to reflect on how we fit into the world and what it takes to make the world a better place by our being in it.”

This is likely the reason I had so much trouble getting an acceptance from them early on. My stories are less thinky and more punchy. But I knew from the first time I came across their page, that I wanted them to audio-ify one of my stories. I had five stories rejected by them–five!–before one finally made it through. I think the trouble was that I did not write the sort of philisophical stuff they were looking for. Most of my stories were, and still are, very pulpy. That is, until on a whim I wrote “A Brief Glimpse of Everything.”

The productions are pretty darn good, and they also are also a paying venue (CAD$0.01/word). Even better, they only ask for audio rights and do not consider works only published in print to be reprints. So you can send them stories from your blog or that have been published in print-only venues. Or you can print publish something they have already published in audio for you.

Speaking of which, I should try to get “A Brief Glimpse” printed somewhere…

Like AntiSF, the editor at The Centropic Oracle is kind and easy to work with. With my last one they accepted, I forgot several times to send them the signed contract. The editor was well within her rights to chew my head off, but she was very patient with forgetful old me.

Right now they only accept flash stories, since they have too many shorts and those take more time and resources to turn into audio productions. Even so, if you have a SF/F flash story that has an emotional or philosophical slant to it, you would be doing yourself a favor by submitting. There are no submission fees and the turn around time is pretty quick (a few weeks at most).

Give it a try!


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  1. Great story, and yes very different for you. But different is good. 🙂 Thanks for the tip too.

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