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A Chance at Twenty Big Ones!


I stumbled on to a little writing contest a couple weeks ago that looked too good to be true (is it?), so I thought what the heck and submitted.

The contest is the “International Flash Fiction Competition” by the Fundación César Egido Serrano, an international organization that promotes words over violence “in all areas of public opinion.” On of the big things they do is hold contests for and publish microfiction which have peaceful or socially positive themes. The current theme is “The Word, bridging the gap between different cultures and religions.”

While originally only in Spanish, they now cover English, Arabic and Hebrew as well. The last contest had over 35,000 entries, and I imagine this one will be bigger.

Here’s the skinny: submit two stories of 100 words or less each for a chance at $20,000. Let me repeat that, 100 words for $20,000. And the best stories in the other three non-winning languages get $1000. Entry is free.

Why wouldn’t you give it a shot?

Here’s an extra bonus for my Rabble. Look me up on Facebook and send me your stories. I will give you some quick feedback before you submit. Why would I do that? Because if you enter my identification code into the registration form when you enter, and you happen to win, I’ll get a thousand bucks, too! So of course I’m going to help you win.

The code is 42664. Even if you don’t want my comments on your work, I’d still be very grateful if you use my code.

The contest can be found HERE

100 words for 20 grand. How can you beat that?

Good luck with your writing. Don’t go easy on those words, you’ve got 35,000 rivals (including me)!



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