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A Dog Named Trouble – What Pegman Saw


Casablanca, Morocco © Google Maps

Lâche-moi!” the woman shouted, before any further cries were muffled by a gloved hand.

She struggled to free herself from her captor, who was double her size but–as betrayed by his disheveled and broken clothes–only half as civilized.

Samuel Thacker remained in the shadows, under an old, stone arch on one side of the narrow alley. He had come to the Mediterranean to find his progenitors, to find answers. But trouble seemed to follow him wherever he went like a sickly dog.

The man had his arm around the woman’s throat, dragging her away from the main road, towards where Samuel hid.

The vampire grabbed the thug by his heavy collar, lifting him off his feet, breaking his grip on the woman. Samuel slammed the man into the stone wall, and once the témoin féminin had fled from view, he took a bite.

*Written as a response to the What Pegman Saw prompt for September 30. This story features the same lead character as my flash story that will be released by Flash Fiction Magazine on Halloween. A prefect day for a vampire story, eh?


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2 Responses to A Dog Named Trouble – What Pegman Saw

  1. Great to see you on Pegman! Your vampire is an intriguing character. Love the line that trouble follows him like a sickly dog.

    • J.M. Williams

      Thank you! Unfortunately, 150 words isn’t enough to really describe the character. Gotta read the original when it comes out! 😀

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