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A March of Indignation – 3LineTales



Lord Bubblesworth strutted along the seawall, admiring the vastness of his domain, breathing in the salty air, eyeing the fish which hid just under the surface. He marched on, to his other palace, where the servants did not call him Bubblesworth. He was a lord, after all, and a lord could only bear so much impropriety.

*Written as a response to the Three Line Tales Week 70 photo prompt.

11 Responses to A March of Indignation – 3LineTales

  1. Brought a smile to my face! Cute story 🙂

  2. A lord could only bear so much impropriety – absolutely right. Now if only other human pets understood this.

  3. Lord Bubblesworth…aw. Great response!

  4. Ha Ha! Bubblesworth 😉

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