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Here’s to breaking new ground! – Check out my story now on Eternal Remedy


I just love the colors here. Great cover photo choice!

Things seem to be picking up for me. I had another story published today, this time by Eternal Remedy. This story was originally posted on my blog under the title The Adventures of Iric, Vol. 7. A unique title was added during the submission process. The story is now called “Memories of the South.”

The stuff Etre publish is a bit more introspective and moody than what I usually write, so I am very happy I found something to their liking. This is new thematic territory for me, but the group is looking to build enduring relationships with their writers, so I will have to think of a good way to blend my fantasy/SF focus with the sort of emotional narratives they want. It will surely be an interesting exercise.

I have to say, I like what Etre are doing with their site. I think theirs is one of the best examples of a minimalist setup done right. They’ve added some imagery to my story, and I think they made some good choices. It reflects the mood of the story but is also in line with the general vibe of the site. And the subtle graphics like the fading thumbnails to text and the jump-out author’s bio are pretty cool.

But that’s enough blabber from me. Go check out my story Memories of the South, and when you’re done, take a look at the other stuff on the site.

6 Responses to Here’s to breaking new ground! – Check out my story now on Eternal Remedy

  1. Exciting times JM! good to know all that’s been taking shape for you.

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