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Look at This Shiny New Website!


Hello Blogosphere! I have finally transcended your little free world into the final dimension of full webpagedness!

As you can see, what inklings I had regarding minimalism with my previous blog have flared up to the maximum level. But I like it. This site–and myself by criminal association–is about writing, which is words, which are made of letters, which are those weird line things that make sounds, or at least we think they make sounds, but it’s really just us making the sounds as we please, really without much logic to the sounds we choose to make…

Sorry for my distraction. I’m just excited! My journey into this writing thing started just a little under a year ago. Now I am taking things to the next level. (Plus I got a great deal on web-hosting, 70% off for just not completing my order in like 2 minutes. Like what did they expect? Me not reading the fine print? That I’d be chomping at the bit to code?)

Apologies again. I’m not normally this humorous, I promise.

I’ve cleaned up my publications list. You can find it HERE. Look at all those stories! Now all I have to do is get a couple on there that actually make me money, then I’ll be in…the money, I guess.

I have made some feeble attempts at migrating my follower list to this new site, so hopefully all my old writing friends will get the notice and come by for a visit. If you do, you can sign-up for my newsletter, over there, lower right. I know you see it.

I have been quite busy lately with real work–yuk!–so I might not be posting that much in these initial days of new adventure. But I have a lot of things going for me right now. Several new acceptances have come in and many more are looking likely. Nothing pro-rated yet, but I’m only 10-months old. I speak damn good for a toddler.

If you’re wondering where the term “Rabble” is coming from, it’s ’cause of this guy:

It was an inside joke related to the too many of cats that I currently have in my tiny home. How many you ask? Too many. But “rabble” is such a great word. Why not use it for my band of rowdy followers?

So join my Rabble and come along with me! This is going to be fun!

8 Responses to Look at This Shiny New Website!

  1. I like the minimalist look, it works well. But did you take away the “like” button on purpose? That always bugs me, not being able to like a post. Also, I notice there isn’t any way to navigate directly to the previous (or later) post. Anything that adds another step to reading more on your site seems iffy.

    • J.M. Williams

      I will try to fix the like button! Crap. On the other thing, I was advised that those “other post” links at the bottom were mostly clutter that don’t amount to much extra page views.

      • I don’t often use the “other post” links either, but I do use the forward and backward ones, in case I go to someone’s post and then realize I missed the last one, or want to see what they posted next.

        • J.M. Williams

          I do have the current posts list at the top of the right menu. Does that help? I really appreciate the advice 😀

          • Are those always the three most recent? I confess I didn’t see those links until you pointed them out, but yes, they do look pretty obvious now.

          • J.M. Williams

            Yes, that menu is designed to link the most recent posts.

    • J.M. Williams

      Ha! I think I got it. Thanks for the tip!

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