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Manuscript Draft Complete


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Well it has been a long journey, but I am happy to say I have completed the first draft of the manuscript for In the Valley of Magic. Now it’s off to my editor. (Shamless plug: WriteWorks)

While he is dragging a red pen over all my beautiful, dedicated work, I will have to keep myself busy. I think I will write a few short stories that I can try to get published while I am still in progress the book. One idea I have centers on Frithugeorn Finhope, a supporting character from the book in question I’m finding that I want to write more about these characters than what fits in the original work. I guess that’s how it starts, right?

I think I deserve a few days off for now. Time to get in all the video game time I’ve missed in the past two months!

2 Responses to Manuscript Draft Complete

  1. Congratulations on completing your first draft! I’m not sure I would be brave enough to show anybody my first drafts though. You definitely deserve some time away from it. Good luck with it!

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