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More Quotes from Discworld 37



I’m about halfway through the book and wanted to share a few more quotes that jumped out at me this go around.

“And there were more flowers flying and people standing and cheering, and music, and in general the feeling of being under a waterfall with no water but inexhaustible torrents of sound and light.”

A waterfall without water is the most original and perfect description of heavy applause I think I have ever read. It captures the sound perfectly without any reference to the action or cultural context.

“Cunning: artful, sly, deceptive, shrewd, astute, cute, on the ball and, indeed, arch.  A word for any praise and every prejudice.  Cunning…is a cunning word.”

A great little examination of the flexibility, and ambiguity, of language.

“Arguing with her friend was like punching mist.”

Another example of what Pratchett does best–absurd metaphors that convey the intended meaning clearly, perhaps more clearly than standard language could ever hope to manage.

“Ponder plunged on, because when you have dived off a cliff your only hope is to press for the abolition of gravity.”

Sometimes Pratchett waxes philosophically, and usually his divergences are deep and on target.

Hope you guys enjoyed these quotes. Now back to the book.


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