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My Publication Tracker is a Mess!



Look at that! It’s a mess! How is someone supposed to make sense of all that?

Well, of course, it’s not supposed to be all on one page…

My tracker has a total of 56 works on it. 3 have been “retired,” meaning that I am no longer submitting them in the original form. Some I have combined with other works and resubmitted, some were so dramatically revised that I decided to track the new versions separately. 23 works have been accepted and I am not really trying to resubmit them as reprints yet. The other 20+ works at the top are currently being tossed around to publishers.

In addition to having a lot of rows on my tracker, due to more and more stories being added, I have also added many more columns. I am now on the 11th submission for one of my stories and 10th for another. These are stories I really like but have not found a good home for. I plan to keep sending them out until I find the right place.

One of the things this one-page capture of my submission tracker does show is just how hard I have been working at this writing thing. This tracker doesn’t even show my novel (which is revised and complete), my novella (which is waiting for editor comments for a third draft), or my fantasy series with Fiction Vortex, which is now at about 30,000 words in.

But the flip side to all of that is why haven’t I been more successful, since I clearly have been working my butt off? Why have I not yet gotten a positive reply from an agent or publisher for my novel? Why haven’t I gotten a pro-level, or even semi-pro level story acceptance yet?

Moving forward, I am sure I cannot keep up the pace I had in previous months, especially now that I am working full-time in a mentally-strenuous job (but a good job). I am going to have to change how I go about my writing. Maybe I should slow down and spend more time on one or two stories. I think I need to find a way to get feedback about my stories, to help revise them.

Any ideas about writing groups or pages where you can get peer reviewed for free?

I do have a few pieces out that I have good feelings about. Maybe that professional publication is coming but I just don’t feel it. Regardless, I’m going to keep on pushing. I still have dozens of publications on my list I have not sent to yet.

Good luck to everyone with your writing endeavors!


4 Responses to My Publication Tracker is a Mess!

  1. Going back to work (more than) full time really put a dent in my writing schedule too, so I can sympathize.

    I would definitely recommend getting as much feedback as you can on your works-in-progress. My work is so much better for the experience. I’m currently in three in-person critique groups (which is a bit much, really), but I also really like Critters Workshop, which is a free online group for fantasy, science fiction, and horror writers. The idea is that you get points for critiquing other Critters’ stories and chapters, and as long as your Critter ratio is high enough, you can submit your own pieces for critique by (random) others. It works well for short stories that are too long to cover in in-person groups, and you can also try to find beta readers for novels there. I’ve beta-read two novels through there so far (it’s a lot of work, but you get mega points for it). If you’re interested in trying it, I’d be happy to give you tips and tricks that I’ve learned.

    • I know about Critters, but haven’t tried it yet. Is the feeback usually good?

      • The feedback varies, but I always get at least some good critiques. I keep track of who’s given me good feedback, and who’s responded positively to my (thorough and thoughtful) critiques, and try to critique those people again when their stories come up in the queue, and pass up the people I had negative experiences with. Others seem to do the same, so you’re rewarding good critiques and vice versa. There are always a few useless critiques in the bunch, but I just ignore them.

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