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New Anthology Acceptance


For anyone who hasn’t been watching my homepage closely–which I assume is most of you–I recently received a new acceptance letter. This one was for Left Hand Publishers’ Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths anthology, which is a death-themed collection.

This proved to be a case where I had a story already finished that was a perfect fit for the theme. However, the story I had was under their minimum word-count. Instead of turning me away, they asked me to send second story to cover the gap. I wrote a brand new companion story to the first, a spin-off of sorts featuring one of the characters in the original. The readers/editors loved both of the stories, so they will be published together.

The original story was a literal pet-project of mine. I had been thinking of how to write my three cats into a fantasy story for a while, and this story was the manifestation of that desire. Yes, I wrote a story about my cats; I am very much a crazy cat-gentleman.

I can’t say too much about it, but I will say is that the story derives from a quote which making the rounds on Facebook around the time. To sum up, the quote says something like: when a person dies they must cross a bridge leading to heaven, on that bridge are all the animals that person encountered in his life and these animals judge whether the person can pass or not. 

Take that as your teaser.


2 Responses to New Anthology Acceptance

  1. Congratulations on the acceptance.

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