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New Release on The Flash Fiction Press


One of my Iric stories was posted today on The Flash Fiction Press. It was originally posted on this blog as Volume 11 of the “Adventures of Iric” series. With some editing and fine tuning, I was able to find a home for it at FFP. I am very happy about that.

Check it out!  —  The Phantom Thief

4 Responses to New Release on The Flash Fiction Press

  1. Nice detective work, there. Lucky that the guy didn’t have a good description — some poor sot would be arrested by now, protesting his innocence!

    • Thank you for the kind comment. With the story I was trying to think of what an everyday common situation would be for a new watchman/police type. Who hasn’t had someone complain that a thief stole the TV remote. Of course, that person always claims to have looked everywhere for it, thus it must have been stolen. Certainly it’s not just stuffed under the sofa cushion. So it’s a mundane sort of story, but I don’t find anything wrong with being mundane. Mundane is real.

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