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No Such Thing as Too Many – 3LineTales Week 69



Tommi dashed up the blue-carpeted stairs, only looking back once to make sure the robbers were following close behind. With a pull of a rope, a thousand tiny yellow caltrops scattered across the floor, catching the barefoot thieves by complete surprise; one fell over, both howled in pain. And to think, just this morning his mother had dared to suggest he had too many legos!

*Written as a response to the Three Line Tales, Week 69 photo prompt.

4 Responses to No Such Thing as Too Many – 3LineTales Week 69

  1. Ha! Creativeness — a la ‘Home Alone’! 😉 I think that about with my boys as well, but they love them so — and use them in so many ways!

  2. I was that kid once, though I didn’t usually do much with the lego people. I was more into building spaceships and such.

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