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Perspective and Words – Writeworks


Here’s another interesting article on the WriteWorks blog about perspective and how it affects the meanings of words. The word used as an example here is “home.” What does that word mean to you? For me, living abroad, it has a dual-meaning. It is where I live, with my wife and cats, but it is also that place I came from, that I have not been back to in several years.

My characters all have different experiences with home, some good and some bad. Some find themselves longing for the home of their youth, some are fleeing it, trying to build a new one. In the end, I agree that it is important for writers to understand how words can have different meanings and connotations based on a character’s perspective (or reader’s perspective–but that’s a whole other can of worms).

Home is Where the Heart Is

Perspective is essential in art and life.

As I sit here this morning, pondering the various offerings that my friends have left for me on social media, I came across a cute photoshop of a country house surrounded by trees. In the background, an idyllic sunset (or sunrise – how you decide will determine your score on this part of the test) fills the sky with a burst of color and light. Below it reads the caption, “Home is Where the Heart Is.”…Read More Here

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