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SHARE: 8 Shows That Will Make You a Better Novelist


This is a really neat article that shows you can learn as much about storytelling from television as from reading standard novels. In the end, writing is just storytelling in a different form.

For me, TV and film have always been a major source of inspiration for my writing, which is probably why I tend to be more visual and action-focused and less concerned with fancy prose. I get a scene in my head and my writing is an attempt to deliver that image to other people in as efficient a manner as possible.

This list of 8 shows is a good start, but I think you could expand it quite a bit. And whereas TV shows are a good comparison for novels in terms of storytelling flow and style, films seem to me to be a good replica for short stories. I often think of how I would parse out my stories as short films, which helps me to arrange and structure the narrative. All in all, good tips here.

Netflix & Write: 8 Shows That Will Make You a Better Novelist

by Andrew Lowe

I’ll bet you have stacks of writing-advice books stashed away, unopened, on your Kindle, as well as reams of writing-advice features bookmarked in your browser or read-later apps. While you should absolutely adopt a learning mindset when it comes to writing craft, don’t forget that you can immerse yourself in a fine source of writing advice that’s probably already sitting right there on your TV, laptop, tablet and phone: streaming TV shows…READ MORE

6 Responses to SHARE: 8 Shows That Will Make You a Better Novelist

  1. this was an interesting read. I am an awful binge watcher. The OA was amazing in my opinion and agreed with the writer about building the suspense and also a very suspenseful ending. One of the few series I did not want to skip a word, every piece of dialogue was part of the puzzle. If you missed it you could not solve the puzzle. Thanks for sharing this JM!

    • I actually haven’t seen The OA. Maybe I need to , right?

      • I think you should, though if you are like me, you might find some scientific inaccuracies but or the suspense bit it was right on. And the flow of story telling very masterful and seamless. Have a go and tell me what you think.

    • This article was shared to me by one of the managers at Fiction Vortex. We are discussing a lot about TV storytelling and how episode structure works. I think the FV project resembles TV a lot, just in prose form.

      • Most series do actually start out that way I think as characters with stories that need telling. Like I was watching Mary Kills people and the plot twists in every episode you think she is going to get caught or give up her evil ways then bam something happens to change the entire plot. I think watching serials has enriched my story writing. My favourites are the mini series for I feel they are books brought to screen. The series with too many seasons just get boring after a while. Mini series capture story telling perfectly. My favourites are Top of the Lake, set in beautiful New Zealand and The Fall.

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