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SHARE: Ships Made of Guns, by MV Melcer


This one didn’t hook me until the very end. The beginning seemed a bit conventional, almost as if I had read it before. The final twist was interesting, and the author did a great job getting a full plot into so few words. I was surprised by the completeness of it all.

But because it has a full plot, I was left wondering about the character arc here. Is this a flat arc, where the character doesn’t change the but the world changes around him? If so, it seems to miss the element of doubt that makes the character relate-able. This character feels a bit too self-righteous.

But all in all a decent little story.


Ships Made of Guns

When the invaders appeared, I had no choice. I lowered my head and opened my arms to greet them. Some of us tried to fight, against my warnings, but the orbiting gunships put a quick end to the resistance. I made sure everyone learned the lesson: their ships are made of guns. You cannot stop them…READ MORE

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