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SHARE: We were Goblins – DSF


I love the premise of this story. It feels like one of those classic boy’s life, first-person narrative stories that I read to excess when I was young, but with the obvious twist in being from the point of view of goblins in a fantasy world, rather than boys growing up in rural Iowa.

I have to admit though, the title and first line had me expecting for them to actually turn out to be human boys in the end. The first sentence “We were goblins that summer,” implies it was a temporary condition. I’m guessing the author was going for the idea that these young gobs were true to their stereotypical nature that summer, but it’s not very obvious. Also, I feel like the narrative voice should be different, if this character is truly a goblin and not a boy from Iowa.

Regardless, it’s a fun read and I urge you to check out the full text.


We were Goblins

We were goblins that summer. Fire-roasted rabbit to eat and muddy pond water to drink. Howling at the stars at night. Groggy and green till afternoon. Cage and I hobbled everywhere during those sweltering days, sweat dripping down our youthful, twisted faces. Long on ears, short on experience, smelling like gutted, discarded fish…READ MORE

2 Responses to SHARE: We were Goblins – DSF

  1. I love the rhythm of the words, the way they flow, in Goblin stream of consciousness. I normally think of goblins as yucky, mean little critters, but this made me think goblins are like onions…layered.

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