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The Word for Planet is Asylum — 3LineTales


I feel guilty for not keeping up with the blog. Of course in my defense, there’s been a lot going on. Good things, mostly (See: homepage) But still, I should try to do more, lest my writing (and thinking) muscles atrophy.

So I’m jumping back in with 3LineTales this week. Here we go!


Photo by Tobias Keller

Mancio pulled the reins left, driving the mustangs back to the path, all the while wondering if this was what it had once looked like in New Mexico–the trees, the sun, the morning mist–as described in the books he had read when he was young. Of course, New Mexico did not exist anymore, at least not how the historians described it. That was Earth–the forsaken, blighted homeland of Mancio’s ancestors; this was Mars–the last refuge of mankind.

*Written as a response to the Three Line Tales Week 95 photo prompt. 

5 Responses to The Word for Planet is Asylum — 3LineTales

  1. If that’s Mars, you can sign me up 🙂

  2. Lets hope Mars never becomes our last refuge although it is probably already too late for the New Mexico of the history books.

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