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“Webs”–read by the Author


One of my flash stories was recently featured on the AntiSF Radio Show. This was one of the first stories I wrote for this blog. The text of the story can still be found on the AntiSF homepage HERE.

I love the AntiSF Radio Show. Not only does it feature some great (and usually humorous) short audio stories, but the host, a guy who calls himself “Nuke,” has a good vibe about him as well. This publication is fully non-profit, so often the stories are read by the authors (like my own). This offers a unique opportunity to hear directly from authors you like.

Well, without further ado, you can find the current episode of the AntiSF Radio Show, entitled “Abstracta,” which features my flash story “Webs” at the link HERE.

Let me know what you think!


2 Responses to “Webs”–read by the Author

  1. That was great! I was totally caught in the web with the twist at the end. And my favorite bit though is relating the web to violin strings…excellent…

    • Thank you very much! I actually haven’t had the guts to listen to the episode yet. I know what my recording sounds raw, since I made it of course, but not as part of the whole. The other story is sure to be good, too. Nuke has great taste.

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