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Where to Publish? — Anti SF


There are quite a few bloggers out there who post links to markets for writers. The trouble is, more of often than not the markets they share are pay-to-submit writing contests. I have voiced my concerns regarding some of these so-called “publishers.” In short, sometimes the math doesn’t add up.

Regardless, there is little reason to pay to submit your work when there are countless paying publishers that read for free. For writers new to formal publishing–like I was not so long ago–it can even be beneficial to send to publishers who don’t pay anything.

There’s a lot to gain from publishing, beyond just dollars and cents. One should not be so short sighted. Publishing in any venue helps build your brand and helps you learn the submission process. You get the chance of working with editors and staff, perhaps even receiving feedback on your work, and in general learning whether you have any writing chops or not.

These benefits come from non-paying publishers as well.  Moreover, while I don’t have any statistics, I imagine you have a better chance of being accepted into a non-paying market. That gets you in the door to learn the second half of the publishing game, the social exchanges between author and editor (and maybe even contracts depending on the pub). Even better, many of these publishers accept reprints, meaning you can send them work you have already posted on your blog. Few paying markets accept reprints, and those who do have brutal standards for anything that isn’t bringing in first rights.

Most of all, getting published anywhere helps you build confidence and establish relations with the greater writing world. To that end, the first publisher I am going to recommend is one whose editor I have developed a congenial bond with.


Antipodean SF is an Australian non-profit, print and audio publisher. It is managed by a man named Ion who DJs his radio show under the moniker “Nuke.” Most of the authors they publish are Aussies, but they will read English-language work from any which-where.

AntiSF has many things going for it as an online pub. Not only will they publish your work as part of an ezine issue, they will also add the audio version to the radio show (this can either be author read, or read by the AntiSF staff–usually the incredible Marg Essex). Beyond that, they have a more professional-looking website than a lot of free publishers. And most importantly, they accept reprints. Both of the stories I sent to AntiSF were originally posted on my blog.

If that didn’t sell you, the editor is a friendly chap and is more than willing to work with you to tune-up the story, if accepted. It’s a great place to start learning how to work with an editor.

There really isn’t any reason not to give it a try.

They publish flash fiction of the sci-fi or fantasy variety, and prefer quirky stories that are humorous or turn the genre upside down. Their guidelines can be found HERE.

What’re you waiting for? Give it a shot!


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