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Writing Tools: Write Monkey



I have written before about the nice little program Plume Creator, and how it can be very helpful for organizing a large project and keeping on track.

My post on the topic can be found HERE.

Plume Creator helped me incalculably to finish my first book. I used it to keep track of chapters, scenes, even characters. But the most useful tool in the program was the distraction-free writing application.

Write Monkey takes that idea and does a much better job of it. When you launch the program, it immediately full-screens, covering up your taskbar and notifications. It also doesn’t have an onscreen toolbar, you can right-click to get all your file and editing options. So, from the moment your start, there is nothing but your words, and a tiny clock and wordcount in the corner. It is amazingly freeing and focusing, to have no other distractions but your own words (which can be quite a distraction themselves!).

The main drawback of Write Monkey, as compared to Plume Creator or other writing apps, is that is doesn’t really help your organization. You need to keep your files and data saved on your own. Though, I have started keeping my outlines in Word format anyways after finishing the book.

Right now, as I focus on smaller pieces of writing, Write Monkey is more appropriate for me. Maybe if I start working on another novel, I will go back to Plume Creator, but for now I need the writing tool more than the organization one. The only large project I am working on now is the series with Fiction Vortex, which is a collaborative effort with other authors writing in the same fantasy universe. That forces me to run all my outlines and synopses through the team, so I won’t forget or lose any bit of it.

Anyways, I urge you to check out Write Monkey if you have trouble concentrating while you write. I has been very helpful to me.

And speaking of Fiction Vortex, the Kickstarter is still active for our new reading app. You should head over and check out the promo video for Fictionite. Support the platform that supports me!

10 Responses to Writing Tools: Write Monkey

  1. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tips.

    • I just wrote two thousand words in as many hours (less actually, and minus time for some house chores in the middle). Write Monkey really does help to keep you focused.

      • Focus isn’t an issue at the moment. I can usually write 2,000 words in Word full screen. I’m on Mac and have WriteRoom, which is similar to Write Monkey. I’ll take a look into some Plume Creator alternatives as I need something to help organise my current project.

        • Ahh. Yes, Plume Creator is nice for simple organization. You are more diligent than I. I have been having trouble getting words on the page as of late. Lots of other things distracting me.

          • I think it’s only because the enthusiasm is there — I’m trying to capitalise on it before it goes away! I’ve just found a product called Scrivener available for Mac and Windows. It’s a paid product, it but looks good and seems well received. It has organisational and writing tools combined. I’ll try out a trial version and let you know how it goes.

          • Yes, indeed, let me know please! And its great to hear you’ve caught a muse!

          • It’s partly muse and partly just knuckling down and doing what I have to do. I’ll let you know about Scrivener.

          • Hi, I’ve been using the trial of Scrivener and I’m really impressed. It’s combines the ability to organise notes and splits the documents into scenes, which makes editing and rearranging the plot etc. as easy as dragging and dropping. I imported my in progress manuscript and split it up and organised it really easily. It also features a full screen editor. And has templates for different types of writings. It seems to have everything you would need in one application. It’s worth checking out, you can get a trial for Windows. It is paid for but feels worth it.

          • Good to know. I will check it out.

  2. Interesting idea, to cut off the distractions from the computer. I’ve heard of other products like this too. My problem is that I don’t listen to them. 🙂 And as soon as I bop over to the dictionary or thesaurus, I’m back in internet land (although if I’m writing well, that doesn’t matter). I’ve been pretty successful using Leechblock with aggressive settings for some of my worst offenders. So that even if I do get sucked into Facebook, for instance, after 15 minutes it kicks me out and I know I can’t get back in for two hours, so I go back to work. Nowadays I’m so trained that it rarely even gets to the point of kicking me out. And I’ll just close my email program to avoid the popups, that’s pretty effective.

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